I Know About More Than Sex

Happy New Year! </p><p>

I get a lot of email with questions from readers, so I’ve randomly picked some to answer. 


Q: Are you going to post more videos on The Jonesies Facebook page showcasing your talents? 

**(Hooping and tramping in 2016, but not at the same time.)

A: Yes. I have many talents beyond writing. 2017 might include yoga poses, a tutorial on making nut milk, and a live video of parking in Costco’s cart return to prevent door dings. 

Q: What is your favorite wine? 

A: Beer

Q: Do you get nervous at book signings? 

A: No. I wear platform shoes to boost my confidence. **Fly London

Q: Will Flint get a book, and if so, when?

A: Yes. When I write it. 

Q: How do you come up with your story ideas? 

A: I’m a social recluse who daydreams instead of interacting with other humans. 

Q: Are vegans taking over the world, and if so, is that a good thing? 

A: Yes. And the animals think so. 

Q: Favorite social media platform? 

A: Instagram because ranters have to post a picture before they can have the mic. 

Q: Who do you predict will win the Super Bowl? 

A: The team who scores the most points. 

Q: What do you love most about writing? 

A: Making people laugh. 

Q: Were these actual questions from readers? 

A: No. But if you smiled even once, I don’t regret the lie. 


Make someone’s day—every day. 

I'm off to Arizona for some time with friends and lots of word weaving. My only writing goal this year is to make you laugh. 



Jewel E. Ann