I Made the Naughty List

I don’t want to record a vlog. 

I don’t want to record a vlog.

I don’t want to record a vlog. 


I didn’t record a video this month. Instead … 


I messaged my son’s science teacher and vented about how the lack of physical text books and clear objectives has led to said son’s poor science grade. Then I demanded Mr. Science Teacher send me everything so I can be young spawn’s study buddy in my free time. **Not happy with my son either. 


THEN … I messaged same son’s basketball coach because Mr. I Don’t Value Parents’ Time kept me waiting again for more than 30 minutes in my idling minivan with younger spawn getting impatient, and groceries melting 


BECAUSE … Mr. Basketball Coach decided to make all the kids do extra running drills at the end of practice since a few were goofing off. 

Fine. Run their little video-gaming asses off, but do it at the beginning of the next practice so you don’t keep parents waiting for f**king ever!!!!!


SO … I’m struggling to channel holiday cheer, which is crazy because I’m not a victim of the deadly weather that’s plagued the earth this year. 


I have shelter, clothing, food, family, and my health. I have friends and this bizarre life as Jewel E. Ann where I get to be a storyteller. I get paid to share the thoughts in my head. 


THEREFORE … I’m selfishly writing this blog for me, myself, and I because I need a reminder of all the reasons I have to be grateful. And while most of the time I am a very zen person, today I feel every ounce of my imperfect humanity. I feel the pain around me. I feel the deep division of my country. I hurt for those who are victims. I fear for the future of my children. 


I. Am. Human.


If you’re human too, know that it’s okay to have a moment of pity—a less than zen moment. You don’t have to take it out on science teachers and coaches (but seriously, my time matters too, Mr. Basketball Coach) ::deep breath:: 


Find joy. It really is right in front of you. Embrace happiness. Spread love. Give gratitude.  


And … if you don’t want to record a vlog this month, then don’t record a vlog. 






P.S. After typing this up, I feel instant regret. I didn’t intend to vent, but I did. It’s 10:30 on Thursday night. I need to post something in my newsletter tomorrow, but I’m out of time. I’m leaving town in the morning, and I still haven’t packed. So this is it. This has to be the jolly blog for December. I’m going out of 2017 with a real doozy. Yay me!